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Land Registry Offices in Manitoba

Registry Office Name Location Advertised
Title Searchers
Brandon Land Titles Office Brandon
Dauphin Land Titles Office Dauphin
Morden Land Titles Office Morden
Neepawa Land Titles Office Neepawa
Portage Land Titles Office Portage la Prairie
Winnipeg Land Titles Office Winnipeg Tick

Manitoba Quick Facts

Manitoba MANITOBA Quick Facts:
The name Manitoba was first used for Lake Manitoba. In the Assiniboine language, it is Mini tobow meaning Lake of the Prairie. In Cree, it is Manitou bou for the place of the Great Spirit.
Area: 647,797 km sq
Joined Confederation:1871
Capital City: Winnipeg
Provincial Flower: Prairie Crocus

Manitoba has 6 Land Titles offices with the Winnepeg office as Administration office and 5 regional offices in Morden, Neepawa, Brandon, Portage and Dauphin.

Manitoba State of Tenure: Land Titles (small portion still in Registry and being converted to Land Titles)

Land Titles Electronic Status:
Are historic title records computerized? Not prior to 1987
Are current title documents computerized? Yes (except those in Registry)
Are current documents available online? No, but (titles) are available
Is electronic registration available? No (in progress) Still in paper format and are done in person or by mail

For a title search you need one of the following:
Legal description: Yes
Parcel Identifier Number: No
Current title registration #: Yes
Civic address: Yes
Current owner: Yes (with exact spelling of name)

To order a title search contact a registry agent.

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