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Package Pricing (1 Year Advertisement)

Categories Price Extra Categories
1 Registry $110.00 $70.00
2 Registries $180.00 $65.00
3 Registries $245.00 $30.00
4 Registries $275.00 $25.00
5 Registries $300.00 $20.00
6 Registries $320.00 $20.00
7 Registries $340.00 $25.00
8 Registries $365.00 $20.00
9 Registries $385.00 $15.00
10 Registries $400.00 $20.00
11 Registries $420.00 $15.00
12 Registries $435.00 $15.00
13 Registries $450.00 $15.00
14 Registries $465.00 $15.00
15 Registries $480.00 $15.00

www.titlesearchers.ca celebrated it's 10th anniversary on Feb. 13th, 2019!! 
Thank you so much to all our advertisers!


Why you should choose titlesearchers.ca as an advertising  marketplace

  • This website will be an exclusive, official website of only Title Searchers and Registry / Land Titles offices Coast to Coast, across Canada.  No more getting lost in a myriad of business listings.
  • Much lower cost  to advertise here than to create your own website.
  • The professional community is not charged a user fee to access this website, thereby encouraging them to access your advertisement.

Your paid advertisement can have at no extra costs 

  • Full contact information
  • Full listing of your title searching services
  • Your logo
  • A link to your website if you already have one
  • A photo gallery of yourself and your work environment
  • Direct placement in each registry you work from
  • A teaser ad which is a short blurb to attract the attention of the legal community  to use you.
  • A larger description area to describe your services in full along with your experience
  • An area to select up to 30 different pre-described services to post in your ad
  • Full editing capability in case you move or stats change
  • Your ad is protected with user name and password

Paid advertisers also get at no extra cost

  • A list of all the paid registry offices you work from and a direct link to your advertisement.
  • You are crossed referenced on both the title searcher page as well as on the registry and title searcher page in your respective registry  

**See Below for Testimonials from current paid advertisers and lawfirms**

Are you planning on moving?  *****

NO problem. If you relocate to another community or even to another province, your advertisement editing features will let you SWAP registries anywhere in Canada, while maintaining your current advertisement !  Now that’s cool!

All of the above is included in your advertising rate. The only extra cost is how many registry offices you want to advertise in. Package pricing starts as low as $110.00 for a one year’s advertisement in 1 registry.

See our package comparison .
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Testimonials from current paid advertisers
  • Just letting you know that I mailed a cheque out to you yesterday for my renewal for another year.  I cannot believe how successful my business was in 2012, thanks to this advertisement!  I am so glad that I advertised with your company and it was the best move for me at that time and allowed me to be more successful than ever.
  • Thank You for creating Titlesearchers.ca.  I have found it to be the best way to advertise my company and make people aware of my services down east. Hope you have continued success with this venture.
  • I've had really good response to my ad and your site in general.
  • I will be renewing. I got a lot of business from your services and am really pleased. Great bang for my buck!
  • Sending my renewal asap. I have had great success with the web site. It just seems to get more notice all the time, lots of e-mails and calls have really resulted in good new contacts. Thanks for all you do. It sure seems to work well
  • This has been a terrific service. I've gotten a lot of Biz from it. Thank-you
  • Thanks for the activation so promptly. I received a call the next day!!!!  The power of marketing! Thank-you!
  • The internet is obviously working
  • Have had more calls from the website than I had from ITSO
  • With the economic downturn we had this year, the calls from the website have sure helped!
  • I spoke to a local law firm this week that received your promo material and was impressed.   They bookmarked the site on all their desktops.
  • I appreciate the effort you put out to contact these law firms.
  • Plan on renewing as it has definitely paid for itself.
  • I had to phone and register because a law firm told me to advertise on the website because they use it a lot and thought I should be advertised!
  • The website idea is ingenious and the name titlesearchers.ca…Wow!
  • I will absolutely renew this advertisement.
    This is an amazing deal, and have easily made back the cost of this ad, as well as helped out lawyers who are in need of my services, but don't know who to contact.
  • I'm getting more calls all the time from the website- It's working great!. Thanks again for doing this for us.
  • I get regular search requests thanks to your website! It's worth every penny!
  • I look forward to another great year. I have no doubt at all that “titlesearchers.ca” makes a positive difference in my business.
  • The site has been really great for business, thanks for all of your hard work. I have sent my renewal via paypal,
Some feedback comments from lawfirms…
  • We are so glad to have current information on title searchers
  • We had lost touch with who is still title searching
  • Our contact information is out of date. Great to have this website.
  • Great to know about this website
  • Hello and congratulations. Website looks great. This is a great service to have.

We accept the following Payment methods

  1. Interac Email Money Transfer from your bank account by using our email address.. [email protected]
  2. Pay Pal by using our email address..info@canadiandirectoryservices.ca
  3. Company cheque

    Pay Pal is free and is accepted world wide by over 150 million users. You do not need to have an account with Pay Pal to use their services.You can use credit cards such as Visa, Master Card, or American Express. You can also be linked to your bank account or a Pay Pal balance.
The recipient, (Canadian Directory Services, the owner and operator of this site) gets paid without ever seeing sensitive financial details as you are taken right off this site for payment purposes. Pay Pal looks after it all.
More information about Pay Pal can be found at www.paypal.com
The advantage of using PayPal over sending a cheque, is that your advertisement is activated immediately and there is no waiting period.
Thank-you for choosing www.titlesearchers.ca as your advertising marketplace.



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