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Haldimand Land Registry (NO. 18) Land Registry Office

Contact Information

Haldimand Land Registry (NO. 18)
10 Echo Street, PO Box 310
N0A 1E0
Phone: (905) 772-3531
Fax: (905) 772-0105

Title Searchers / Registry Agents that work out of this office:

Elite Legal Support Services Inc.
We are a freelance conveyancing, title searching and law clerk company available to assist with your title searches and electronic conveyancing needs.
Speedy Search and Registry is a leading Title Search Company providing fast affordable title searches across Canada. Property titles are emailed to you within minutes of your order.
Sue Belanger
Love my job --- the messier the better
P.L.P. Titles Ltd.
A specialist in Title Searching in the Haldimand County & Norfolk County area since 1987. Over the years services have been provided to many types of clientele, from lawyers to surveyors, banks and individuals.

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More Information:

The main centres in Haldimand are Jarvis, Hagersville, Caledonia, Cayuga and Dunnville. Part of the Six Nations Reserve is in Haldimand County, but not within its jurisdiction.

Smaller communities within the municipality are Attercliffe Station, Balmoral, Bodri Bay, Brookers Bay, Byng, Canborough, Canfield, Cheapside, Clanbrassil, Cranston, Crescent Bay, Darling Road, Decewsville, Dufferin, Empire Corners, Erie, Eriestone, Featherstone Point, Fisherville, Garnet, Hickory Beach, Hoover Point, Kohler, Lambs Corners, Little Buffalo, Lowbanks, Lythmore, Moulton, Mount Carmel, Mount Healy, Nanticoke, Nelles Corners, Peacock Point, Port Maitland, Rainham Centre, Sandusk, Selkirk, Sims Lock Road, South Cayuga, Springvale, Stromness, Sweets Corners, Townsend, Upper, Varency, Willow Grove, Woodlawn Park and York.