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Read Abstracts Limited

Read Abstracts Ltd. has been in operation in Ontario since 1969, during which time the firm has grown to become a well-respected leader in its field.

The firm is one of the countries leading Search Houses preparing Real Estate Searches, Corporate NUANS Reports and Conveyancing among other services for over 200 law firms, most major Banks and many Surveying Firms.

The principals and owners of the firm have been with the firm since its conception. During this time they have lectured and given courses on searching methods and ideology of searching. They also have taught on a regular basis at Algonquin College in Ottawa (Legal Assistant Course) and have lectured for the Ministry of Natural Resources and CMHC among others.

The firm also does and has completed large contracts for both government and private sector, i.e. Trans Canada Pipelines, Bell Telephone Easement, Regional Municipality of Ottawa-Carleton, Ministry of Natural Resources, City of Ottawa and The Department of Indian Affairs and Northern Development Canada.

Read Abstracts Limited is a member in good standing of Ontario Association of Professional Searchers of Records.

How to contact Read Abstracts Limited

Read Abstracts Limited

Read Abstracts Limited
331 Cooper St.
Suite 300
Ottawa, Ontario
K2P 0G5

Phone: 613-236-0664
Cell Phone: 613-791-3356
Toll Free: 1-888-SEARCHS (732-7247)
Fax: 613-236-3677

Email: Read Abstracts Limited
Website: Visit Website

Services Read Abstracts Limited Offers

  • Full Title Search - Land Titles at LRO
  • Full Title Search- 40 year registry search at LRO
  • Full Title Search - Remote Land Titles
  • Sub Searches - Land Titles at LRO
  • Sub Searches - Registry at LRO
  • Sub Searches - Remote Land Titles
  • Closings - Registry (Paper Registrations)
  • Electronic Registrations (full capability)
  • Land Titles First Application Searches
  • Environmental Searches
  • Historical Searches
  • General Public Subsearch re any fraudulent
  • un authorized new mortgages put on your property
  • General Public Subsearch to confirm ownership and outstanding encumbrances
Other services:Conveyancing Services, Answering Requisitions, Registry Non-Convert, Land Titles Conversion Qualified to Land Titles Plus, Parcelization Deeds, Railway Searches, Indian Reserve Land Searches. Visit our website for more information.

Registries Read Abstracts Limited Works From

Registry Name Province
Ottawa-Carleton Land Registry (NO.04/05) Ontario
Glengarry Land Registry (NO. 14) Ontario
Grenville Land Registry (NO.15) Ontario
Leeds Land Registry (NO.28) Ontario
Renfrew Land Registry (NO. 49) Ontario
Stormont Land Registry (NO.52) Ontario
Dundas Land Registry (NO. 08) Ontario
Frontenac Land Registry (NO.13) Ontario
Lanark Land Registry (NO.27) Ontario
Prescott Land Registry (NO.46) Ontario
Russell Land Registry (NO. 50) Ontario